Alec Soth and the Tree of the World

PBS featured a story on an exhibit at the Walker Art Center on the work of the Minnesotan photographer Alec Soth.  (“From Here to There: Alec Soth’s America.”) The museum commissioned a model entitled “Lost Boy Mountain” that recalls Soth’s photographs around the theme of running away.  This is a camera phone picture of one of his images he took of the exhibit that closes this week.  He has authored photographic books that look extraordinary.

In an interview with Minnesota Public Radio, Soth described a six-foot-tall diorama as a scale model of his fantasy. “It’s a tree house up here, that leads down into a secret chamber, a cave that’s full of books.”   Although Soth doesn’t refer to the World Tree, the multi-layered construction is striking:  such trees are found as the center of the cosmos in the religious imagination around the world. In the Americas, the lower, middle and skyworld are connected by a sacred tree. From the Middle East to Scandinavia, the cosmic tree’s branches and roots link the multiple realms.

Lost Boy Mountain Diorama

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